During every season

In the spring

  • Go and write something in the notebook hidden in the microwave at the Tres Estelles Peak, in Py's Nature Reserve
  • Observe the bearded vultures from the Roc de la Coste, in Jujols' Nature Reserve
  • Be discreet once you have left the Alemany refuge (Mantet Nature Reserve) and watch the marmots playing hide-and-seek
  • Go for the "Little house on the prairie" bucolic version in the small abandoned village of En, in Nyer's Nature Reserve

In summer

  • Camp and get up early to admire the sunrise on Canigó’s Peak
  • Follow the Canal de Bohère in the middle of summer to cool off
  • Enjoy the beginning of the day and observe isards at the Jasse du Cady
  • Return into childhood by walking along the ledge and cross rope bridges along the Carança gorges
  • Defy fear of heights by climbing the famous chimney before reaching the peak
  • Take a picture right next to Canigó's cross and be super proud of the exploit you have realized
  • Leave for several days with a full backpack and follow the Gr10, from refuge to refuge

In Autumn

  • Reach Lake Nègre, a beautiful lake located in Nohèdes’ Nature Reserve after 4 hours of walking, put your backpack down, breathe deeply and think of nothing, just enjoy the present moment
  • Collect and pick figs, blackberries, walnuts, ... during walks and tell yourself that you are in paradise

In winter

Soak in the sun during hikes in the valley of the Tet, towards the priory of Marcevol or the abandoned village of Comes and contemplate the majestic Canigou.

Relax in natural warm waters after a beautiful day of hiking

Go snowshoeing in the middle of winter and discover the Madres and its beautiful white cover