Mount Canigou is commonly known as the ‘Pic du Canigou’ and is the Catalans’ sacred mountain. It is 2,784 meters high and a hot spot for hiking and outdoor activitiesClassified Grand Site de France in July 2012, the massif is nowadays recognized as an exceptional natural area that must be protected. Rich in flora and fauna, whether climbing to the summit or otherwise, hikers will be amazed by the breathtaking views that put an emphasis on the area’s heritage : particularly Romanesque Art that is very present in Conflent, for example in Saint-Martin du Canigou, an abbey nestled on one of Canigou’s sides.

By (electric) bike, accompanied by donkeys or on foot, the Massif du Canigou is unique and not to be missed: it is the beating heart and soul of Catalonia! Taking the time to visit our sacred mountain will only enhance your stay!