The local aperitif in Conflent Canigo 

From July to September 2018 

Participate in local apéritifs of the Tourist office In partnership with the federation tourism of country.
The principle is simple, at the time of the apéritif, meet our live producers in in a privileged setting of discovery.
For only 3€ a person, an offered wine-tasting glass and possibilities of having a rough time and even of buying. Discovery of fruit juice for the children for 1,50€.

Informations au +33 (0)4 68 05 41 02


Place de la république, 18h00 on Wednesdays11/07 - 25/07 - 08/08 - 22/08 - 05/09 


Cave vinicole de Vinça, 18h00 on Tuesdays 24/07 et 28/08


Maison communale du village 18h00 Wednesday 18/07.
Dans le parc thermal 18h00 Tuesday 14/08 et le Thursday 27/09 


Place de l'église 18h00 on Frideys 13/07 et 24/08 and on Wednesday 15/08 


Accueil des thermes 18h00 on Tuesdays 17/07 et 07/08 

The alcohol abuse is dangerous for the health, to consume in moderation.