Important information

The roads are closed for all the motorized vehicles. The 4X4 companies are not allowed to ride on the mountain. The prefectural decree edited on the 04/11/2019, still in force, is available in the bottom of the page.   

Precisions for access to Cortalets: Following landslides, the track of Llech is closed from the Mas Malet refuge (3h30 walk to Roc Mosquit, 5h from the refuge of Cortalets) until further notice. Privilege access from Los Masos de Valmanya (3h30 walk to the refuge Cortalets) or Fillols (Balaig track - 5h walk, or Col des Voltes - 3h30 walk).

Access the Canigou summit, on foot

The area offers an exceptional range of outdoor activities : hiking, horse rides, trekking with donkeys and use of electric bikes are amongst the many activities available in the Canigou area. Every year several thousand visitors climb Mount Canigou to reach its summit. If you are planning to climb to the summit, please ensure you are adequately prepared, informed and equipped.

Leave with peace of mind !

Our mountain guides are very professional and passionate about nature, they offer a range of outdoor activities enabling one to discover this mystical mountain’s richenesses and curiosities, in all seasons. Discover local fauna, flora, heritage and traditions, whilst walking, hiking or trekking, the guides invite you to experience the Catalans’ sacred mountain through nature, geology, heritage and art.


Set off at your own pace !

To reach the peak, it takes 1 to 2 days depending on walking pace and weather conditions. The Canigó massif offers several guarded refuges that will allow you to sleep at altitude before continuing your ascent. Bivouacking is tolerated in the immediate vicinity of the refuges, within the Canigó’s classified site. Camps must be put up at sunset and dismantled at sunrise. Fires are permitted in the spaces provided for such purpose.

For greater comfort, you can choose to climb up to the peak in two days, with an approach on the first day and ascent of the peak on the second day. This option will allow you to immerse yourself in a high mountain refuge atmosphere, whether at the Chalet des Cortalets or the Refuge de Mariailles.

There are also several routes to reach Canigó’s Peak that can be done entirely on foot or partly by car. Two routes allow experienced hikers to reach the summit in one day.

Several routes allow you to reach the Chalet des Cortalets to climb the peak. Allow between 4 and 5 hours to reach the refuge, and an additional 2 hours to reach the peak

Access to the Canigó mountain refugees by Electric Mountain Bike

From the villages at the foot of Canigó, it is possible to reach the refuges of Mariailles and Cortalets by electric mountain bike via the historic tracks of Llech, Balaig and Mariailles. But beware, even assisted, the ascent can be technical and physical! Download the tracks

Time indications on the signs are provided for information purposes only as they do not take into account breaks and individual walking pace.

Climbing to the top of Canigó requires mountaineering skills, you should be an experienced hiker and prepared to walk in the mountains, especially when there is snow on the summit. It is important to be aware of weather conditions before leaving (Météo France : 0899 71 02 66) and to remain attentive to changing weather conditions during the ascent.

Two webcams installed on the shelters allow you to visualize in real time the meteorological conditions on the massif:

Required equipment 

High, non-slip boots, altimeter, compass, windcheater, warm clothing, hat or helmet, food and drink, sun cream, first aid kit and the IGN 1:25,000 TOP 25 2349ET map, which is imperative and is not replaceable by the Canigou summit access document.You can also book a professional, state-certified mountain guide to accompany you.

Access the Massif with donkeys

It is possible to be accompanied by donkeys. They can carry all the necessary equipment, as well as children, so that you can explore the different trails.
The mountain guides offer horseback riding and pack animal hikes. 

Prefectoral orders

Access to the tracks is regulated by prefectoral orders. We invite you to read them carefully to be aware of all the exact traffic conditions.
Until a new prefectoral order is issued, the traffic is forbidden for the Llech Forest Track, Mariailles Track and Balatg Track.

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