Certification Label

In order to respond to everyone's growing aspirations regarding the practice of full-nature sports, the French Cycling Federation has focused on qualitative and quantitative development of the number of MTB practice areas by creating the MTB-FFC site label. This well-known and recognized label is based on both quality of the offer (marking, welcome, promotional tools, ...) and territorial dynamics that have been initiated in the area (tourist offer qualification, economic spin-offs, links with accommodation owners, catering or coaching providers). 

So on a labelled site, you will at least find: 

  • 100 km of marked and maintained trails
  • Circuits classified in 4 levels of difficulty (green = very easy, blue = easy, red = difficult, black = very difficult)
  • A welcome point
  • A panoramic tour
  • A map of itineraries
  • A washing point for mountain bikes
  • Tools for small repairs.

Road markings

MTB itineraries are labelled by two rounds in a yellow, red or brown equilateral triangle, depending on whether they are local circuits, large crossings or more than 80km circuits, or whether the site is located in the territory of a regional nature park. Since our two sites are located in the Catalan Pyrenees NRP, the signs used are brown. Each itinerary has a number on the sign and colour is different depending on the degree of difficulty.




The site consists of 10 itineraries departing from certain villages such as Olette, Canaveilles, Evol, Nohèdes, Nohèdes, Fontpédrouse, Prats Balaguer, Nyer and Escaro, that is to say nearly 190kms of marked and maintained trails. 

More specifically, the MTB - FFC site "Madres-Coronat" includes:

  • 2 Easy Routes
  • 7 Difficult routes
  • 1 very difficult route

You will find the trail map (free) directly in Conflent Canigó Tourist Information Offices