The race 

Sunday, August 2, 2020

Indisputably a nature event par excellence, the Canigou Championship forms part of the history of Conflent, owing its origins to the courageous inhabitants of Vernet, who departed in search of blocks of ice at high altitudes, which they brought down the mountain on their backs, running, in order to refresh those in search of cures at the luxury spa hotels. Today, competitors no longer search for ice but rather the betterment of self, and each first Sunday in August this famous course unites both runners, with or without a load, and hikers (on the Saturday).

Imagine departing from Vernet-les-Bains and crossing our fabulous landscapes up to the Canigou summit, then recuperating on the descent. 32 km and 2,180 metres of altitude, it’s an unforgettable experience!

Little change, except the Start which will be slightly offset behind the arch, on Place de la République, where the Finish is, as well as the time limit for the Red Mattes race which will drop from 3:45 am at 4:00 am (this route turns out to be harder than what we had envisaged); on supplies, we will anticipate, as of this year, the end of plastic cups planned for 2020.

Registration in the championship : 00 33 (0)4 68 61 50 59 or on the website 
To find out more you can visit the Canigou Championship website

Canigo hike possible on Saturday before the race. Regulation of access to the peak this weekend.

Canigó hike

 Saturday August 1, 2020

 Want to take up a challenge, alone or in a team!

Sports hike with 2200m of positive and negative elevation over 34 km in the CANIGÒ MASSIF, on the same course as the race organized by the Canigó Championship, but without running and without classification, just for the pleasure of surpassing oneself.

It requires a good physical condition allowing to chain 2200 meters of positive and negative elevation from Vernet-Les-Bains, with the ascent to the peak, 17 km long connecting the Jou pass to Mariailles via the Arago hut, with in climax the climbing of the "chimney" to finally reach the summit and touch the cross.

But the descent on the Cortalets slope awaits hikers. They can also picnic at the refuge and take a few moments of rest. Not long because there is still a long way to Balatg before reaching Vernet without forgetting to go through the tank to taste a good Roussillon peach then head for the Col de Juell… and finally cross the finish line where a well-deserved snack awaits hikers !