Giants Festival

Easter weekend in Villefranche de Conflent

March 30 & 31 / April the 1rst

This is the tradition here in Conflent, for Easter celebrations the city of Villefranche de Conflent is inhabited by Géants (Giants). Large figures often represent kings and queens of the past such as Count Guillem-Ramon de Cerdanya and his wife Sancia de Barcelona, the couple who founded the city in 1090.

Groups of giants originating from France and Catalonia, the “Geganters” who guide or carry the Giants, and there are also musicians, the "Grallers" who punctuate the parade to the sound of traditional instruments : the Gralla, the Flaviol, the tambourine and the "sac de gemecs" a type of bagpipe. A festive atmosphere and especially a typical Catalan atmosphere, an unforgettable souvenir for children and adults. 

During 3 days Villefranche organizes numerous activities such as the city's traditional egg hunt, the eggs are then eaten with traditional Ron-Cremat (rum flamed with spices). On Sundays, the Giants wander in the alleys accompanied by music, the Cobla. And on Easter Monday, “Aplec”, assembly at Our Lady of Life, pilgrimage to the pink marble cliffs' hermitage, a 40 minute walk. 

3 DAYS  :

8 april goig dels oux de xocolat i cron-cremat (16:00 - 23:00) 
9 april trobada gegantera (10:00 -12:00) (15:30 - 17:30)
10 april aplec de Notre Dame de Vie (10:30) i concert (16:30)