"In view of the drought situation and the risk of fires in the Pyrénées-Orientales and particularly on the Canigó massif, the Syndicat Mixte Canigó Grand Site will not be organizing the Trobada this year.
In view of the environmental issues, it is recommended not to participate spontaneously in the 2023 edition and to postpone your participation until next year."

The Trobada 

17 & 18 June 2023

The Trobada is a Catalan festival which takes place in the Canigo massif (Pyrénées-Orientales). It is celebrated on both the French and Spanish sides of the border. The term “Trobada” is sometimes taken to include the festival of Regeneration of the flame and the festival of Saint John the Baptist, which are linked.

Participants climb up to the Cortalets hostel (2150m above sea level, just before the summit of Canigo) and either stay in the hostel or camp nearby. The aim is to take a bundle of vine trimmings to the summit and leave it next to the iron cross which marks the top of the mountain (a further 600m of climbing). In general about 800 people will sleep in the area around the Cortalets for the festivities,
participating in traditional dancing and eating Catalan food.

On the evening of 22 June, the flame which has been burning in the Castillet in Perpignan since 1960 is carried from the ground floor of this historic monument to the summit of Canigo where it is regenerated.

This flame is brought down from the summit so that on the evening of 23 June fires can be lit in each village and the festival of Saint John the Baptist celebrated. On Canigo, at the summit that evening, the vine trimmings are burned and a barbecue cooked over the embers.

Everyone meets there because it is the celebration of friendship. That night, there are no longer any young people, old people, entertainers or spectators. there are only guardians of traditions living together in the same country and rejoicing in this reunion. Moreover, for the Trobada, everyone in their village got their hands dirty. The fagot that will be sent to the Pic will be that of the municipality; it bears his name it is exposed to view, either at the Town Hall or in a passing place (shop or other.)


Trobada on foot:
From Saturday 8 a.m. to Sunday 6 p.m.
Good walker - D+1400 m / 5 to 6 hours of walking each day with a loaded backpack
Night in a tent at 2150 m altitude / random weather
PAX - 10€/person or 1€ for -12 years old
Prior registration required on the following link (no registration will be taken on site) - max 60 people /
caravan: https://refugedescortalets.ffcam.fr/ - Trobada tab
NB: participation in the event is possible outside the two walking trobadas organized by Canigó Grand Site