A pinch of sport, a spoon of adrenaline, a ladle of curiosity, a bowl of sweets and pots of laughter and smiles ....

Here is a 100% guaranteed recipe for success, for a simple and happy holiday

A little sport! :

In the Conflent Canigó you can:

  • Go on a two-day bivouac trip with donkeys and become their new best friends
  • Experience your first strong thrills by discovering canyoning
  • Follow animal prints in our mountains
  • Build a bat’s nest box in Nyer's Nature Reserve
  • Reach the "cascade des Anglais" and soak your feet ... Splash your parents who are more sensitive to the cold.
  • Put yourself in the shoes of an explorer of the new worlds, who wears a headlamp in "caving" mode
  • Be rewarded for your two-hour hike in Mantet’s Nature Reserve and have the chance to catch a glimpse of marmots enjoying the sun.

A bit of heritage: 

In the Conflent Canigó you can:

  • Count Fort Liberia’s underground steps and once you reach the bottom check that you have the same number as the rest of the family
  • Open your eyes wide when the yellow train passes over the Pont Séjourné
  • Be amazed by the magical spectacle that the caves offer

Animal Parks and Recreation:

In the Conflent Canigó you can:

  • Scream off the top of your head with your feet in the air when descending a Tyrolean on one of the high rope courses
  • Have your hands licked by deer, who are fond of sweets, in Casteil’s animal park
  • Jump and jump over and over again on inflatable structures, on Vinca's lake.
  • Slide down slides and make a big leap off the diving boards, in the various waterparks

Delicacies and easy living:

In the Conflent Canigó you can:

  • Drink hot milk after the cows have been milked
  • Take time to do nothing
  • Pick strawberries or cherries and make a pie or clafoutis in the evening
  • Walk barefoot in the grass and laugh because it tickles
  • Breathe the Canigou's good clean air
  • Eat good home-made ice cream sitting on a bench in the shade of Villefranche-de-Conflent's paved alleys
  • Sleep under the stars and make a vow each time you see a shooting star .... promise to come back!