To travel on board the Yellow Train, or ‘Canary’, is to take an unexpected and unforgettable trip to the heart of the Eastern Pyrenees and Conflent. Along its 63km of train line you will discover spectacular views, especially in the summer when the carriages are open and the landscape at its best. The Yellow Train serves 22 stations, linking the high plateau of Cerdan to Villefranche-de-Conflent.

The Yellow Train, the symbol

A symbol of Catalonia and proudly bearing its colours of dark red and gold, the Yellow Train, also called the ‘Canary’, links Villefranche-de-Conflent with Latour-de-Carol. Initially built with the intention of opening up access to the high Catalan plateaus, today the train offers a unique experience to travellers who take it to discover Conflent, Cerdagne and the Regional Nature Reserve of the Catalan Pyrenees. As you travel from station to station, you will see the Têt valley, mountainous landscapes and the high plateaus of the Cerdan, as well as spectacular cultural sites and nature trails that are ideal for walking.

Using the Yellow Train

Once destined for transporting freight, today the train is a tourist attraction and transports about 400,000 passengers per year.

If you would like to know more about its technical prowess, please visit the page dedicated to this Catalan symbol.

Practical information for travelling on the Yellow Train

The Yellow Train links Villefranche-de-Conflent to Latour-de-Carol and stops at the highest station in France, Bolquère.

You can board the Yellow Train, which runs throughout the year, at Villefranche-de-Conflent.. 

Tourist offices provide practical information, as well as timetables, which are essential should you wish to travel by this unique form of transport.
You can also contact the SNCF directly for timetables and rates, by calling 0 800 886 091 (free to call from within France), or you can call the Villefranche-de-Conflent station on 00 33 (0)4 68 96 63 62 or visit the website

Advice + 

During the summer the Yellow Train is very popular so you are advised to arrive at the station thirty minutes before departure time to buy your ticket, as it is not possible to book.

Documents to download 

The tourist landscape map: The Catalan Pyrenees to the beat of the Yellow Train.

Yellow Train timetables


From 14 December 2014 to 1 March 2015, you will only pay €11 for a return ticket whatever your start and end destination between Perpignan and Latour-de-Carol. Furthermore, the ticket offers many benefits at Conflent sites like les Bains-de-Saint-Thomas.

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