Conflent has two thermal spas ready to welcome you for a course of treatment, or simply to offer you time to relax in their well-being centres. You can enjoy the spa at Molitg-les-Bains, which is part of the Thermale du Soleil chain, where the riches of nature meet authenticity in this tourist village. A few kilometres away, discover the Vernet-les-Bains spa, amongst the last independent thermal spas in France, which offers mind-blowing panoramas over Mount Canigou. Besides providing tranquillity, the regenerative waters of Conflent are ideal for joints, the respiratory system and for skin. If you wish to switch off for a while and to benefit from the natural resources of the Pyrenean landscape, you could also dive into the hot springs at Saint Thomas. Imagine bathing in a pool at 37 degrees encircled by a stone amphitheatre: paradise!
In fact, the benefits of Conflent’s sulphurated water are found worldwide: it is used in Vitherma, a cosmetic range produced by Vernet-les-Bains spa, and Authentica Bio, produced by the Bains de Saint Thomas.

It’s time to take some time for yourself; the Catalan thermal waters are calling!