Labelled one of the most beautiful villages in France, Villefranche-de-Conflent is also a town that was  fortified by Vauban and home to three UNESCO World Heritage Sites. As such, Villefranche-de-Conflent is a must-see in Conflent for admirers of Vauban’s work. A stroll through the town’s cobbled streets is not to be missed.

Villefranche-de-Conflent town

This ancient merchant town, capital of Conflent, has conserved its wonderful history and status as a defensive site. Villefranche-de-Conflent, one of the 50 most visited places in France, has a wealth of heritage on offer.

You can visit the ramparts and the Viguerie tower, built by the Count of Cerdagne in the 11th century, then reinforced by Vauban’s fortifications in the 17th century. There is Fort Libéria, recently classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, or the shops and houses of nobles or rich merchants, and the Romanesque St. Jacques Church with its rich furnishings. Close by, do not miss the Petites et Grandes Canalettes caves, and the Prehistoric cave, Cova Bastera, also classed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the Vauban network.

The authenticity of this medieval site makes it a favourite for the development of traditional and commercial activity.

Villefranche-de-Conflent is also the point of departure of the Yellow Train, symbol of Catalonia, the colours of which it bears proudly and the technical prowess of which, historically, linked the high Cerdan plains to the rest of the region. Today the Yellow Train is a tourist attraction which is as surprising as it is unmissable.

Not to be missed in Villefranche-de-Conflent

  • Romanesque St. Jacques church;
  • Fort Libéria;
  • The ramparts;
  • The ‘Petites et Grandes Canalettes’ caves;
  • The Cova Bastera;
  • Guided visit of the village.