Situated in the Castellane valley, Mosset is one of the four most beautiful villages in France, in Conflent. This mountain village, perched on a rocky overhang, offers its visitors a unique experience at the heart of architectural heritage dating back to medieval times.

Mosset village

Belonging in French territory since the Pyrenees Treaty in 1659, you can see the traces of Mosset’s past when walking through the streets of this village which extend over more than 7,120 hectares. This medieval village, with its castle courtyard and the naturally created attraction of the pine tree that leans on the church bell tower, is an exceptional place in which to awaken your senses.

Perched 2,000 metres (6,562 feet) above sea level, Mosset is remarkably rich in fauna and flora.


What not to miss in Mosset

  • The Perfume tour;
  • Church of St. Julien and St. Baselisse;
  • The guided visit of the village.